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About My Teaching

Since my days as a grad student at The Juilliard School, I have taught and coached piano and chamber music for almost 15 years. I love nothing more than helping my students discover their unique musical voice, achieve technical breakthroughs, and gain confidence as musicians and performers


I currently coach chamber music at the Pre-College of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and teach privately in San Francisco. I offer both in person and virtual lessons. My private and chamber music students have gone on to attend prestigious schools including The Juilliard School, MIT, UCLA, University of Southern California, Mannes School of Music, and Boston University. I have given masterclasses at San Francisco State University, University of Kansas, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and in Xi'an, China. I also regularly adjudicate piano competitions. I taught previously at California Music Preparatory Academy, the Xi'an Music Festival, and French American International School.

Advanced Middle School and High School Piano Students

Are you a passionate young pianist looking to take your playing to the next level? I work with dedicated young students to hone technical skills, build confidence in performance, and deepen musical expression. 


Every student is unique and I tailor lessons and growth plans to each individual's needs. The piano can be a life-long source of joy, fulfillment, and self-discovery. With this in mind, I facilitate my students' development of their musical identity and give them the practical and emotional tools needed for a life-long journey with music. 


For ambitious students, it is possible to maintain and even deepen your love of music while preparing for competitive auditions and competitions!

What I offer:

  • performance opportunities

  • preparation and planning for competitions and auditions 

  • tools to deal with and overcome performance anxiety 

  • tailored plan for technical improvement

  • guided strategies for efficient and creative practicing

  • exploration of diverse repertoire

  • music theory and analysis

  • connections to other musical opportunities such as chamber music and composition

Adult Piano Students

My adult students come from many different backgrounds. I love that every student has a different story to tell about their journey with music. Many adult students come to be me because:


  • They took piano lessons as a child and always wanted to bring music back into their life

  • They're dealing with an injury or physical discomfort and wanted to explore more easeful ways of playing

  • They're a passionate pianist on the side and want to deepen their knowledge of the repertoire and improve their technique

I meet my students wherever they are and encourage playfulness and creativity at the instrument through improvisation and composition, as well as providing practical guidance on technique, practice strategies, and interpretation.

My teaching is informed by my own life as a professional pianist as well as my studies of somatic modalities, Taubman Technique, and performance psychology. Having recovered from injury myself, I know that playing the piano can and should be a pain-free experience. Finding greater physical ease at the instrument not only prevents injury, it also leads to better technique and more musical freedom! For interested students, I also share my knowledge of concert programming and contemporary composers from my experience as the co-founder of Bard Music West festival. 

Chamber Ensemble Coaching

As a chamber coach, I bring my own love of chamber music and my extensive experience as a professional chamber musician in several award-winning ensembles to my teaching. I work with young and adult chamber ensembles. I have coached many young ensembles to success at local and national competitions. If you have an ensemble and are looking for some extra coaching, a new perspective, or a regular coach, I work with a limited number of groups each year. I also coach chamber music in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music's Pre-College division.


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